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WordPress SEO Specialist in Melbourne

Boost visitor numbers to your website with the help of a WordPress SEO consultant. Get found for the right keywords, with expert website optimisation of WordPress websites.

I work with businesses large and small throughout a range of industries.

A professional diagnosis of website performance will highlight any areas which need attention. Whether it's technical optimisation, on-page SEO or inbound links- all can be fixed and enhanced for maximum discoverability.

My comprehensive tailored to the website- will provide a visibility boost for relevant queries.

This leads to more click-throughs, website visits and conversions.
I provide SEO for all business websites. Whether you offer services, products or manufacturing- I can help you with a tailored, targeted search engine optimisation campaign to grow your customer base. Let's find and amplify the unique points that make your business appeal to someone ready to switch from being a browser to a customer.

the best SEO company or consultant relies on a strong partnership with the client
favourable SEO outcomes result from strong client and provider teamwork
  • SEO Method +
    I only offer safe, ethical white-hat SEO. This means that you, as a business owner- will not be scrambling for ranking recovery every time Google makes a change to weighting within their ranking factors.
  • Your Commitment +
    As your SEO expert, I will give you the best results possible. You can make a significant positive difference to the success of your campaign, by providing content for me to work with. Great organic ranking comes from trusted, expert content- and you play a pivotal role in helping me develop that.
  • Expected Outcomes +
    Typically a search engine optimisation campaign takes around 6 to 8 months to produce results. This applies to a website which is free of technical errors or penalties. Much depends on how quickly Google's index is updated to reflect the work we do.

It's Time to be an SEO Detective

Together, we'll soon find out what your competitors are doing that puts them ahead of you on Google.
Whatever they're doing- can always be improved. Every page on every website, offers scope for improvement. The right changes will propel that page high in Google search. Businesses and webmasters can become complacent with management of digital assets- and provide excellent opportunities for counter measures.

Get a Competitive Analysis

SEO Techniques are Specific to Your Business

Within all businesses and industries, there are unbreakable on-page SEO rules. Website architecture, technical SEO and User Experience are just a few of many elements which must never be neglected.
As ranking criteria follow suit.
Specialisation is key. People search with longer keyword queries than they did in days gone past. Read this piece from Forbes, for a great overview of the .

Enter the world of niche-specific SEO.

This is where we determine whether your business model suits customer acquisition when people are researching their prospective purchase- or when they are ready to buy.
Some keywords have a broad context- like "plumbers".
Narrow context keywords- often long tailed queries like "gas hot water system plumbers +locality" show a desire to complete the purchase.
In this case, it could be arranging an urgent repair to a hot water system.

Understanding the Ranking Process

Google uses in excess of two hundred proprietary ranking factors.
These can be broadly categorised as:

  • Technical Factors- like indexability, page load speed, website architecture;
  • On page factors- content quality, relevance and semantics;
  • Off page factors- inbound links, citations and external signals;
-as well as some wildcards!

Read advice for website owners on Google's page here.
Optimising for something visual like wedding photography- would make strong use of image and video verticals.
This would contrast with a website concerned with the study of language.
Search verticals- as well as customers' searching styles- have a marked influence on digital marketing methods.

How Google Works- Direct From Google!

SEO for Small Business

I'm with you all the way! Together, let's find out why your competitors enjoy the traffic and customers that should be yours. The traffic doesn't necessarily go to the better business. You've probably already seen very ordinary businesses rank well.

Competitors outperform other businesses online by using smarter SEO methods. The perception which exists in the mind of the consumer is that the higher ranked website must be there because the business is better than the rest.

As we work together to develop and implement the best strategy for your business, you'll see a rise in organic click-throughs and conversions.

I guarantee what I do, and the SEO services I deliver. Your investment in a discovery meeting with a Melbourne SEO Consultant will be time well spent. Arrange a time. Let's see if the mix is right, for us to work together.