Learn SEO.

SEO Courses Melbourne

Learn SEO in Melbourne. Combine traditional search engine optimisation methods with social media marketing.
Take your skills to the next level by attending a short SEO course in the Melbourne CBD. Benefit from my years of experience delivering quantifiable SEO Melbourne businesses have come to trust. The techniques you'll learn are exactly the same ones used in competitive campaigns where businesses spend thousands of dollars per month.
Learn the proven material and methods presented at these SEO short courses where I am a guest speaker.

Are You Overwhelmed by SEO?

With so many videos, articles and tips- many of them conflicting and contradicting each other- how do you know what really works?

And More Importantly...

Where can you go, to learn the best way to do your own SEO and not expose your website to any risk of losing rank?

Small Groups

SEO short courses for small groups in melbourne

Focused, targeted search engine optimisation training courses for small groups.

  • How to optimise a page correctly
  • The significance of media assets
  • Optimising for search verticals
  • Smarter keyword research
  • Factors which influence rank
If you manage a small or medium sized business website, this short course will teach you digital marketing essentials.

SEO and SEM Training

Search engine marketing and SEO, taught in Melbourne

Learn how to combine SEO and SEM. Understand how the two work together.
If you:

  • Manage an adwords account
  • Have a new website
  • Need better SEO results
  • Have suddenly lost rank
  • Are planning a redesign
-this SEO course will take your skills to the next level. Avoid making the critical errors which can wipe out website traffic overnight.

Learn Effective Techniques

SEO courses teach students effective techniques

Understand where to concentrate your SEO efforts. The safest methods are the most efficient.
I teach:

  • How to use Social Media
  • The right way to earn links
  • Technical SEO skills
  • How to select Social channels
  • Which SEO tools are best
As the organic search landscape evolves and changes, you'll know what to do to grow your website traffic.

A Quick SEO Primer

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Take a class to boost your understanding of search engine optimisation.

Tailored training for students of all levels, with study notes and ongoing support options for continued learning.

Regular SEO Courses

Classes are held in Melbourne CBD and the South-east. Simply complete the form, or tap the orange button on this page to call me and find out more.

Learn Actionable SEO Techniques

Most of my clients come to me with the same website problems. Addressing those issues earns them better organic rank.
You'll get the same benefit, too.

Learn What Works

seo short course for digital marketing personnel

Ask Questions

relevant to the best SEO of today- with lots of time for questions

SEO for Social Media

courses for social media optimisation and marketing
understand SEO and how it involves a finely tuned mix of art and science

SEO Course Contents

Learn the things that matter. Each web page is assessed by search engines and the least imperfect page wins.

Some Rules Must Never Be Broken

The ranking formula is secret- however years of successful delivery have revealed factors which feature prominently on high ranking pages.

You'll Learn How to Assess a Page's Potential

Understand how to evaluate a page's rank-worthiness based on these attributes.

Know how to spot areas requiring improvement and use material taught at the SEO training class to make an immediate positive improvement to the visibility of any page on any website.

SEO Training for Marketers

I deliver specific material designed to teach marketing people, social media teams and content managers the best way to implement search engine optimisation best practices into their daily work.

If you have your own website managers or online content developers, specific SEO courses in Melbourne can be designed for your team.

Lessons are curated to be relevant to your business website, industry keywords and specific tactics are presented to outfox your competition.

At the end of the session, all students will have a specific action plan for the website used as the example- and they will know how to implement that plan.

Do an SEO course in Melbourne.

Having your own in-house SEO team is a tremendous advantage if they're doing all the right things, the right way.

seo course for online marketers