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SEO Consultant Hire Packages

Prices for SEO typically range from $750 to $2000 per month. The factors affecting the monthly cost of a search engine optimisation campaign include competition for similar search terms, competitor activity and campaign intensity. Each has the potential to increase the scope of works required.
Packages include the full suite of SEO services for the managed website.


hire SEO expert in Melbourne

Hire me to help with one-time SEO repairs. This arrangement works well if you have your own in-house team who are stuck with a unique problem.
Things like:

  • In-depth site auditing
  • Disavowing bad links
  • Link profiling
  • Website development issues
  • Competitor analysis
  • Targeted problem solving
  • Expert assessment of previous SEO
  • Technical SEO
Get everything sorted and set up properly by an expert- so you can move forward with confidence.

Staff Guidance

hire SEO specialist to guide digital marketing staff

Get professional SEO help for your marketing staff. Have a specialist guide your digital marketing people.
This suits:

  • Marketers who work solo on projects
  • Social Media optimisation
  • Agency staff who need a second perspective from an industry fellow
  • Businesses who want custom SEO training for staff
  • Small business owners who have time to spare
  • Web designers who need to optimise a client website
Ask about how search engine optimisation support can help, today!

Monthly Retainer

SEO expert in Melbourne available on retainer

The best value for your SEO budget is with a monthly retainer. Use this arrangement to train staff, or have a professional campaign developed and managed.
Ongoing SEO plans are great for:

  • Competitive campaigns
  • When you need results
  • When your budget does not extend to hiring staff
  • When you want your marketing and website managed professionally
  • If you run multiple websites
Monthly SEO packages are tailored to your needs and budget. Complete the form on the bottom of this page and find out more.

SEO Plans and Packages for Small Business

Pay by the month no contract. Packages for SEO in Melbourne delivered to small and medium businesses trading locally.
Enterprise level SEO plans are also available, for highly competitive industries or multiple location operators.

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Factors Which Influence SEO Costs

The cost of a search engine optimisation campaign can be influenced by a number of elements.

  • The competitiveness of the keywords we target
  • How active your competitors are, with their digital marketing
  • Any work required to make your website compliant with today's best practices
  • Bad link disavows from previous SEO
  • Your current digital footprint
Arrange to learn more. Get an accurate price estimate of what it will take to rank your website on page 1 of Google for the queries which make you money.
See the results of this survey of monthly SEO prices to understand more about typical fees and charges.
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