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How to Replace Paid Ads With Organic Traffic

How SEO Got One Health Practitioner to Kick Paid Ads

We’re going to examine the process of what it takes to replace paid ads with organic traffic and leads. Paid ads have their place- and so does SEO. Use search engine optimisation to eliminate ad spend and attract better quality clients.

It’s really quite funny how some of my clients find me. When I first get on the phone to them, I always ask them what exactly they typed into the search engine box.
This one particular woman said: ‘I’ve been ripped of by so many so-called SEO experts who promise me the world but deliver nothing once I fork out the cash. I thought to myself: “I’m an intelligent person, surely I could learn this.” So, I typed in “SEO one-on-one teacher” and there you were…’
That was 4 years ago. At the time she hired me, this hypnotherapist in Melbourne, was using Adwords as her primary method of advertising, but it was costly, as well as attracting a large percentage of tyre-kickers.

replace paid ads with search traffic
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My Method for Substituting Adwords with Organic Clicks

ONE: Site Overhaul

The first thing I noticed was that she had a very dated wordpress website that had not been optimized efficiently for the search engines.
Seriously, there were so many problems with this website that I suggested (actually insisted) she reserve a new domain name and start from scratch. Thus, Melbourne Hypnotherapy Clinic was created.
It had the makings of a fantastic site – a great, keyword rich domain name, plus it had been built from the ground up by yours truly, which meant all the search engine friendly protocols were in place to make it a ‘Google-magnet’. Read about the value- the implications of keyword rich domains for SEO and see for yourself. Our own tests have proven without doubt- that there is fantastic value in a relevant, natural-language keyword-populated domain name with one important caveat… it needs to have a clean past!

However, a well-built site is just the beginning. When you’re wanting to attract customers, you have to think first and foremost about what they need.

And that’s…

TWO: Content, Content, Content

The subject of hypnotherapy is a double-edged sword: plenty of people are interested in it, but due to media hype, there’s also a fair bit of stigma attached to it.
My client says: ‘I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked whether or not I can make a person cluck like a chicken!’
The decision to undergo hypnosis isn’t one that people make lightly. For that reason, her website has 4 major objectives:

  1. To explain how specifically she can solve her clients’ problems;
  2. To overcome the most common objections about hypnosis;
  3. To build trust and rapport with her readers.
  4. To position herself as the best person for the job.

To that end, she’s really diligent about providing honest, up to date information about all things hypnosis; how it works, how it can help and the most common myths about hypnotherapy.
Her tone is conversational, and her information is ethical. What does that translate to? Authority. Authority plus valuable information builds trust; and people hire people they know, like and trust.
The Result? More Traffic!
While we built up the domain authority, my client was still using Google Ads in conjunction with my services. I’m happy to say that within 6 months, she was able to ditch Adwords completely in favour of a solid .
So here’s what I say: If you want qualified leads and sales, nothing beats organic traffic. Prove your worth to your people with valid, worthwhile content and they’ll become loyal repeat customers.

THREE: Good Content Builds Trust

I’m privvy to most of the enquiry emails that get sent to my hypnotherapist client, and what strikes me about them is that a very good percentage of them say something like this:

I’ve been reading through your website and what you said on the ____ page really hit home with me. I’d really like to book in with you.

No ifs, no buts.

My client’s content sells itself, so that when she gets on the phone to her potential clients, often the only question they have for her is ‘when can I get in to see you?’
Mark my words; Stellar content builds trust and authority with your potential clients effectively ‘pre-sells’ your potential clients so all the hard work is done for you.
If you don’t have much content on your website, I highly recommend you start by writing at least 10 informative articles that show your potential why you’re the best person for the job.