This is Me!

Meet Me- Melbourne SEO Freelancer

I'm an SEO Freelancer in Melbourne. I've been responsible for boosting profits through local SEO services to small businesses in a range of industries and professions.

Need an e-commerce SEO specialist? Online shops, with simple or complex products and categories respond well to website optimisation. In particular- woocommerce SEO is something I've done lots of.

Before the internet came along, I worked at the front line and also behind the scenes marketing businesses of all type and sizes. I've worked with some of the great minds of our time- guys who laid the foundations upon which the strategists of modern times base their work.

I have a unique set of skills which enable me to deliver the very best SEO service to my clients.

During the pandemic lock down of 2020, I grew my clients' businesses while their competitors failed. I'm in it for the long haul. When you need an SEO Freelancer in Melbourne who's got your back, complete the form and let's catch up.

Is Your Back Against the Wall?

No matter how bad it is, recovery is possible. Even if you have had bad SEO done locally or by an offshore provider- there is always a right way to fix it permanently.

Advanced SEO, Coding and Design Skills

This is where I bring real value to your business. Instead of a web developer and SEO liaising and possibly not making sense of each other- I can write clean, compliant code to power your website right from the beginning. This encourages better crawling, indexing, favourable ranking and makes the site easy to manage in the future. As technologies evolve, integrating new standards and code will be much easier because the website was made properly to begin with.

Melbourne SEO freelancer with solid skills set
SEO Expert in Melbourne
SEO specialist who is reliable and dependant

My Skills

  • Advanced SEO for businesses of all sizes
  • Experience in local markets
  • Implemented campaigns for national brands
  • Expert-level programming and development in:
    1. Wordpress
    2. Magento
    3. Joomla
  • Web design- complete theme development
  • Fixing mistakes from the past
  • Diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning websites
  • Paid search marketing- Adwords
  • I can help you with anything within the digital marketing space from SEO strategy, Adwords and web programming at any level.

What I Offer

  • Unique ways of growing your business
  • Innovative ideas to position your website as an authority online
  • Strong focus on white hat SEO:
  • The ability to quickly
    1. Diagnose problems
    2. Find answers
    3. Grow your business
  • Develop systems to streamline customer acquisition
  • Recover lost rank
  • Diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning websites
  • Paid search marketing- Adwords
  • If you're online and you need to grow your business- it begins with targeted digital marketing.

    Every situation is different.

Advice You Can Trust

I've brought success to all my clients.

I've been called when:

  • Startups have been formed
  • Established bricks and mortar businesses have realized they need to be competitive online
  • Website owners have been burned by offshore SEO and required a recovery
  • Staff or marketing interns have needed specific advice or assistance
  • Web developers or technical managers have needed help with single or multiple issues
The challenges of problem solving drive me.
I deliver successful outcomes!

And In My Spare Time?

I climb mountains.

I drink good coffee.

I enjoy getting together with people to delve into their digital marketing problems. Four decades of business and marketing experience means I now do this for the enjoyment, which means I don't try to have lots and lots of clients.

I provide SEO consultancy and related services to business owners who share the same ideas as me, who will take on board the things I teach, and value my work.
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